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Sweet Cakes  -                                        ...custom cakery
4754 Old Redwood Hwy, ste 594
Santa Rosa Ca 95403
Located in the Larkfield Shopping Center next to Molsberry Market
About Us
I never dreamed that I would own my own bakery. This was never in my plans. Its funny that I started this bakery on a whim! My mom and I have always been the 'go to' people for birthday and wedding cakes.
A few years ago I was a single mother working two jobs and selling homemade jewelry in my 'spare' time. For even more income I would make birthday and wedding cakes for friends and  family. My mom was always there helping me.
One month, after my third or fourth cake request, I jokingly said to my mom 'We should start our own business.'  As a JOKE I printed up some business cards and created a website. Our business was named 'Two Mom's Kneading Dough'- catchy right?. Well next thing you know I was getting phone calls weekly and then daily looking for me to bake cakes for events. Suddenly I was a mom with 2 full time jobs, a part time jewelry maker and now a Custom cake maker! The momentum just kept building. After 6 or so months without any decrease in demand I stopped making jewelry and quit one of my jobs so that I would have some time for my kids and myself. But to my surprise the demand for my cake expertise just kept growing- soon I was even asked to be on TV!! What? Me? Wow, things just kept progressing. Now I had one full time job working in the corporate world (and was bored) and making really FUN cakes for people on the side. I did this for a few years and then I lost my job. I had a big decision to make- either find another boring but well paying job, or take a leap of faith and go into business for myself. I took the leap of faith! Well my leap of  faith soon overtook my house and the demand for my cakes required me to open my own little bakery boutique. So I opened a small 368 sq ft bakery in an adorable market place. I thought I would be open by appointment only so I didn't need to be in a prime location. HA! was I ever wrong! My husband bought a pastry case for me and thought I should make cupcakes in my spare time. Well soon those cupcakes earned me a new notoriety! After a very short year in a tiny 'closet' of a store, I brought my mom in full time and we moved to a prime location at the front of the same shopping center.
In four years I went from a single mother, working 2 full time and a part time job and a moonlighting cake maker, to an owner of a FANTASTIC and Fun FULL SERVICE BAKERY!
I never dreamed of this but I am so happy I am here.. and I owe it all to you for believing in me and loving what I bake for you.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Let us create a masterpiece for your celebration!
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